What is hip bursitis?

Bursae are small, fluid-filled sacs located throughout the body typically seen adjacent to tendons. There are two major bursae of the hip. One covers the bony point of the hip bone on the lateral (side) where the gluteal tendons attach and is called the greater trochanter bursa. The other bursa is located in the front of the hip underneath the hip flexor tendon and is called the iliopsoas bursa. Bursitis is irritation and inflammation of the bursa.

What are the symptoms of hip bursitis?

  • Pain at rest or with movement
  • Tenderness to touch
  • Snapping sensation with movement of the hip
  • Perceived weakness
Woman doing lower back stretch

What treatment options are available?

If the symptoms persist, it is recommended to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yoon. A comprehensive evaluation will be performed and a treatment plan can then be discussed based on the findings.

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