While under the care of Dr. Yoon, your injury or condition will be analyzed and treated with the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic protocols currently available. The imaging processes used in diagnosis and treatment allows for an accurate identification of your current condition, along with image-guided treatments.

Diagnostic ultrasound

This procedure, also called sonography, is an imaging method in which sound waves are applied to the injured or damaged area to create visible images of the inner structures of the body. These images make it possible to more accurately diagnose and treat a wide scope of injuries and conditions.

Man having sonography performed on his thigh

How diagnostic ultrasound works

The ultrasound device is placed outside the body and can be a very effective method for diagnosing joint inflammation. The sound waves emitted by the device do not pose a health risk. A gel is applied to your skin and the transducer, a hand-held device, will be placed on your body, sending sound waves to create images, projected on a monitor. The sound waves strike the inner structures of the body, then receiving the echo of the transmitted waves, producing a two-dimensional real-time image of the injured area. The soundwaves emitted by the device cannot be perceived by human ears, with the treatment essentially painless and safe.

Fluoroscopic guided procedures

Fluoroscopy is a process in which continuous X-ray beams are delivered to an injured area to produce images on a monitor, guiding treatment. The images produced allow Dr. Yoon with a high level of accuracy when injecting numbing, anti-inflammatory, or biologic medications. Joint pain impacts quality of life and treating the condition with a fluoroscopic guided procedure can relieve joint pain. Fluoroscopic-guided injections of biologics can trigger healthy cell growth and regeneration.

Ultrasound Diathermy Los Angeles

How does a fluoroscopic guided procedure work?

You should arrive for your treatment in loose, comfortable clothing. Your skin will be cleansed so it is sterile, and then numbed with an injection for your comfort. The needle is then advanced to the precise location for injection of steroid pain medication or biologic. The needle is then removed, and the site covered with a bandage. You will rest for a period of time so we can evaluate your pain level. You will need to avoid submerging the injection site for 24 hours, after which you can return to your usual activities, as directed by Dr. Yoon.

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