One of the marvels of anatomical structure is the group of muscles, bones and tendons that allow the knee to function. When an injury occurs, the function of the entire leg is compromised. Dr. Yoon offers advanced biological treatments for knee injuries. He is widely respected as a leaders in the field of regenerative sports medicine.

What is tendinitis?

An overstressed tendon can lead to tiny tears in the tissue. As the tendon tries to repair itself, it inflames, causing pain and restricting movement. If a tendon tears significantly, the muscle it is attached to can no longer function as it should. Continuing use without treatment will worsen the tear.


Left untreated, tendinitis can progress to:

  • Tendon rupture. A much more serious condition that could necessitate surgery.
  • Tendinosis. This condition can come about when tendon irritation persists for weeks or months. It is a degeneration of the condition of the tendon and abnormal blood vessel growth.
  • Knee joint degeneration from an uneven stress on the cartilage.
Woman stretching hamstring outside, working out

How can my tendinitis be treated?

Dr. Yoon is highly skilled at determining the exact cause of your pain and the degree of damage sustained. He is considered one of the leading experts in the use of biologic treatments, specifically related to sports injuries.

He has successfully treated professional athletes with cutting edge, non-invasive therapy. Depending on your specific condition, treatment may include:

  • Biologic therapy to stimulate or restore your body’s ability to repair itself and boost the activity of your immune system.
  • Anti-inflammatory treatments.
  • Changes in lifestyle, physical activity and diet.
  • Compression bands.
  • Physical therapy focused on stretching and increasing flexibility during recovery.

How long does recovery take?

Recovery time varies depending on the kind and degree of injury, but pain should lessen within a day after your treatment. Full recovery may require six to eight weeks for a more serious injury. Dr. Yoon’s regenerative treatments for advanced tendinitis cases often including stem cell injections, platelet rich plasma injections or other combination therapies. These ultra-modern non-invasive approaches to healing can cut recovery time down significantly.

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