What is biceps tendonitis?

The biceps tendon is a strong and flexible cord that connects the biceps muscle to the bones within the shoulder. Biceps tendinitis is an irritation of the biceps tendon. Many patients with shoulder tendinitis in Los Angeles have accompanying rotator cuff tears or labral tears.

What are the symptoms of biceps tendinitis?

  • Tenderness or pain in the front of the shoulder that worsens with activity, overhead lifting or reaching behind the body
  • Pain or achiness traveling down the upper arm
  • Occasional snapping sensation in the front of the shoulder
Man and woman stretching their arms across their chests at a gym

What treatment options are available for shoulder tendonitis?

If the symptoms persist, it is recommended to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yoon. A comprehensive evaluation will be performed and a treatment plan for shoulder tendonitis in Los Angeles can then be discussed based on the findings.

Shoulder Tendonitis Los Angeles
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