Taken from the amniotic fluid in the placenta of healthy newborns, placental/amniotic matrix is a substance that can be injected into damaged joints to help replace damaged tissue, control inflammation and pain, trigger natural regeneration, and reduce formation of scar tissue.

What is the placental/amniotic matrix and where does it come from?

The placenta is part of the uterine wall in pregnant women that surrounds the fetus and connects it to the mother via the umbilical cord for nourishing the fetus and the elimination of waste. The amniotic membrane is the inner layer of the placenta, and it contains amniotic fluid that cushions the fetus and facilitates the exchange of nutrients, water, etc. with the mother. A matrix is the place or substance from which something else develops.

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What is the composition of placental/amniotic matrix and how does it help healing?

While the regenerative capabilities sound similar to those of stem cells, the fluid contains no stem cells. Its healing properties come from its more than 200 growth factors (compounds that can regulate the growth of a wide variety of cell types and tissues) and other nutrients.

What happens to the placenta after delivery?

Since it is attached to the umbilical cord, in a vaginal birth, the placenta is ordinarily expelled naturally, after the baby is delivered. With a cesarean section, the physician physically removes the placenta and closes up the incision, typically with dissolvable stitches. It may be discarded or preserved by cryo freezing, which kills stem cells.

What is the procedure for using placental/amniotic matrix?

Because the matrix has already been harvested from discarded or donated from newborns and stored, the material is prepared for use and no harvesting is performed on the patient. It is, therefore, a simple matter of injecting it into the patient into the precise area being addressed. Ultrasound or fluoroscopy is used to precisely locate the exact area of the injury and the injection location.

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