The quadriceps and hamstrings are the largest muscle groups in the leg. Working in unison, they contribute the majority of your leg strength and ability to use your knees and perform athletically, so muscle tears must be resolved as a high priority. Advanced biologic therapy can help speed recovery.

Symptoms of a torn quad or hamstring

  • Swelling in the front upper thigh or in the upper back of the leg.
  • Leg movement induces pain.
  • Difficulty sitting down or rising from a sitting position.
  • Leg weakness.
  • Loss of mobility in the legs.

How can you treat my muscle tear?

Dr. Yoon’s philosophy is to harness the power of regenerative medicine and minimally invasive therapy. This is not only much easier for you to experience, but for a qualified injury it can be the most efficient and fastest path to recovery. Because we need our legs for mobility, speed of recovery is vital, so the injury is not exacerbated by continued use.

Initial inflammatory phase: Damage tissue releases chemicals that promote swelling and pain. While it is nature’s way of saying “slow down,” resting the injured muscle and bringing down the swelling with ice and compression while keeping the injury elevated above the heart. This phase may take two or three days.

Repair phase: Depending upon the severity of the injury, you may be given an autologous serum injection extracted from your own blood to specifically address inflammation and pain while your body heals. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP therapy can accelerate the regeneration of healthy tissue and radically shorten the amount of time you are sidelined with injury.

Physical therapy: Post-injury muscles are tighter and less flexible until they are exercised. Controlled activity, on a gradient approach, not only helps bring the afflicted muscle and the knee back to optimum condition, it helps prevent reinjury from “getting back in the game” too soon.

Lifestyle changes: Dr. Yoon can work with you to determine why and how your injury occurred. You may have unbalanced muscle groups or show evidence of nutritional deficiencies or have other structural misalignments that, if corrected, can help you avoid future damage.

Does biologic therapy really work?

Biologic research an advancing field and promises to be tomorrow’s most relied-upon medicine for many kinds of injuries. Dr. Yoon is a team physician for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and an orthopedic consultant for most of the professional sports teams that reside in California, as well as for the NBA, NFL, MLB, USA Olympics and the PGA. He has seen many injuries repair and heal faster and with fewer side effects when biologic combinations are applied along with standard restorative practices.

You should consider regenerative solutions for your injury as a first choice when seeking pain relief and physical recovery.

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